Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ginger Snap Crunch Cereal

Ginger Lovers, the time has come for supergrains! You will not believe that something this good is actually good for you.

The new Ginger Snap Cereal picks up where ancient traditions left off, combining the supergrains chia, quinoa, and amaranth in one delicious blend. This is not just a cereal: it's a raw superfood powerhouse. 
Chia Seeds offer a much-needed boost of Omega 3's plus a wealth of antioxidants. Chia is true warrior food, fueling generations of Aztecs and esteemed as an aid to hydration for centuries. Quinoa and Amaranth have been rediscovered as the secret protein superfoods of the Andes. When sprouted and freeze-dried, these tiny supergrains achieve their full nutrient potential. Hawthorn Berries and Ginger have traditionally been used as digestive tonics and aids to circulation. The synergy of these two flavors is right at home with supergrains! Add it all to crunchy sprouted buckwheat with just a touch of raw honey.... now you've got the best breakfast ever.

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